Desktop Managed Services

Are users in your organization losing valuable time to problems with Outlook, or setting up the new printer? This is where desktop managed services come in. We help users overcome technical problems quickly. We also ensure that things are done with a security-first mindset so that your organization’s data is protected.

What is included in desktop managed services?

Desktop support

Small desktop problems can have a big impact on productivity. When you have managed IT from Giga-Green, users can simply call or email us and we will get to work fixing the problem.

We also monitor the PCs in your organization to identify problems before they begin to impact the end-user.

Printer Setup and Configuration

Can’t print? Call Giga-Green. It’s that simple.

Our technicians will help users troubleshoot printer issues and connect to new printers when necessary. With the many makes, models, and updates to make sense of, printers can be a big challenge. However, we can make them easy for you!

Need advanced print management? Ask us about Printix!

User Management

Once new employees have been enrolled through Giga-Green’s New Employee Concierge service, you don’t have to worry. We will manage them for you.

We can update group memberships, manage employee access to files, and, when necessary, remove users. This service ensures that your users have the resources they need, when they need them.

Windows 10 administration & patch management

Troubleshooting desktop issues when they happen is necessary. However, it is always better to avoid problems through proper configuration and preventative maintenance.

We keep your most viral programs up to date. As a result, issues are prevented before they get started. This is a critical element of IT security.

Office 365 administration

If your organization has Office 365, we will administer your tenant for you and ensure that service is healthy and secure.

or example, spam filtering and mail flows are always working behind the scenes. Thus, we will make them work for you by making sure you get the important data you need, and not the spam.

Productivity Tips and Best Practices

Does something feel more difficult than it should be? Ask us how we would do it! We often find innovative and simple solutions to everyday requests to streamline processes!

Giga-Green New Employee Concierge

New employee onboarding accounts for a significant portion of the technical problems that an employee will encounter. Unfortunately, many managed IT providers handle new employee onboarding in a very ad hoc manner. Therefore Giga-Green has identified new employee onboarding as a key differentiation of our services.

We make the process of onboarding new employees simple and easy while ensuring that your new employee has all of the tools and knowledge they need to get up and running fast!

Simply fill out the new employee onboarding form (or fill out a spreadsheet if you need to onboard multiple new employees), from there our team will take the lead and create their email, file sharing, and line-of-business accounts. Finally, we hold a meeting with each new employee to make sure that they know when and how to contact IT support, help them download and set up the Office Suite (if licensed), and how to access all of the files and line-of-business applications they need to do their job. As a result, your employees are off to a productive and successful start from day one!

Click here to read more about the New Employee Concierge program

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